Description: Easy Going, Warm & Friendly. Middle of the road underscore for commercials with a light logo line. Features electric & acoustic guitars, strings and celeste. Perfect for radio and television adverts for health products, pet products, personal service businesses with the emphasis on friendly service. 60sec and 30sec, full and underscore mixes

Description: Magical and wondrous fantasy. Step into a world of Wizards and magic spells. Think Hogwarts and you won't be far away. This orchestral cinematic fantasy is full of flourishes, crescendos, stops and sparkly bits. Perfect for Film, drama, quirky TV reality and radio or television adverts. 60sec and 30sec full and underscore mixes

Description: Jubilant and celebratory Christmas theme. Full of the excitement, joy and busy activity leading up to the big day. Take yourself off on a fast sleigh ride through the freshly fallen snow. Full modern orchestral traditional sound - Ideal for TV, Television and radio commercials, multimedia. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Sparkling, bright and upbeat Christmas pop. Full of festive cheer, warm and feelgood with a steady beat. Ideal for commercials for all products and services, television, on-line multimedia and e-cards. Features pretty digital synth bells, mellotron flutes, drums, handclaps. 60sec and 30sec cuts with and without drums

Description: Proud, uplifting and inspirational. Big dramatic theme for those good Samaritans and local heroes in life who just get the job done and make your chest swell with pride and humility. Features full orchestra, building from quiet beginnings, swelling to a big epic crescendo double at the end. 60sec, 30sec and sting

Description: Epic Sci-fi music fanfare opening, in the style of Star Wars or Star Trek. Features slower more ethereal opening rising to military middle section, ending with full crescendo fanfare played by a full orchestra. Think of the Star Ship Enterprise majestic as it slowly drifts through outer space. 60sec, 30sec and sting

Description: Sexy, raunchy and grungy, but cool, laid-back and sophistication with a sensual vibe. A whole lot of luxury served up in a satin wrap. Perfect for advertising gifts and products depicting a more opulent lifestyle, or high-class shopping documentary or drama. Available as full mixes and underscores 60s and 30s

Description: Playful, evaluating and provocative waltz. Gentle and friendly, but a little cautious and hesitant - like meeting on a first date. This characterful piece features accordions, which give it a quirky European feel. Great for reality TV through to Radio and Television commercials. 60sec and 30sec full and light mixes

Description: Epic, driving and powerful - Superhero, Mr Untouchable, to the rescue. Very cinematic, featuring big drums and brass with a driving beat and orchestral effects. Great for spoof commercials through to drama, comedy and TV reality. Use the underscores for complimenting rhythm tracks with drum and fx. 60 and 30sec main and underscore versions

Description: Insistent, rhythmic and forward pushing piano. Gives a sense of urgency and busy activity. Equally perfect for period drama, through to corporate. The full mix has cello and strings accompaniment which adds a slightly reflective quality, whilst the piano only mix is more corporate. 60sec and 30sec, main and piano only mixes