Description: this piece was originally written to accompany shots of someone on a bike. it denotes movement. very well.

Description: this piece starts out childishly, but develops to end chillingly.

Description: tight drums locked with bass guitar and classic synths characterize this. ends with a string and percussion section. danceable, perfect for video.

Description: free-form washed out acoustic with slide blues. all performed on $10 guitar from a memphis junk shop. dark, moody, very original.

Description: a simple loop track that can fit any promotional video.

Description: arranged for orchestra with percussion and wordless vocal. has an eastern flair to it, a march-like section, strong melody, and pizzicato bass.

Description: non-traditional use of piano and pizzicato strings drive this short, up-tempo piece. also features unusual synth sounds, tabla, djembe.

Description: this track has all the horror cliches you need. high dissonant strings, sudden percussion hits, lots of distorted guitar. Starts quiet and builds to an intense climax.

Description: suspence ants attack.

Description: orchestral bittersweet melodic.