Description: Rock Specialty Vocals Americana Guitar Vocal Electric Keyboard Male Fast Mid Varied

Description: Modern composition for Hammond organ solo.

Description: woodwind quintet, minimalist, strong.

Description: A majestic and mysterious piece, which could accompany a voyage through the solar system and beyond, wandering lost in an eerie haunted mansion, a journey through a secretive government installation or any scenario filled with mystery, tension, wonder and awe. Instruments include synth bass, harp, piano, strings, drums, percussion and cymbal effects, sound effects, glockenspiel, lead synth sounds and oboe. The piece has a cyclical structure where each of the main sections segues into the next, is reminiscent of the last but subtly different.

Description: Laid Back Loose Western Relaxed Without Banjo Lead

Description: Laid Back Loose Childlike Western Relaxed Happy

Description: Lazy and carefree with a bluesy feel, jazzy piano and breezy acoustic guitar create a satisfied and laidback feel.

Description: Marches, Fanfares, Historic, Historic-Medieval, Olympic, Majestic, Political, Prestigious, in a Majestic mood, featuring Brass, with a Mid tempo

Description: Historic, Historic-Medieval, Majestic, Bouncy, Prestigious, in a Majestic mood, featuring Flute, Percussion, Brass, with a Mid tempo