Description: Smooth, ambient R & B Slow groove, with a contemporary scientific or technological feel. Opens with acoustic guitar & sequencer building to drum machine and bass after 06sec. Great for information style promos and the more serious style campaigns. Full mix 30sec and underscore 30sec versions

Description: Powerful & prestigious News Bulletin alert sounder. Big, orchestral logo opening into pulsating, rhythmic synth arp bed with drone & cymbal swells (loopable) ending with a stab. Use as it is for a big announcement commercials, or use the front and end sounders only for production. 30sec Advert

Description: Magical & mystical, almost lullaby-like original Christmas 30sec commercial. Light but full of anticipation, excitement and festive wonder. Features glockenspiel, pizzicato, boys choir, tremelo strings & sleigh bells. Perfect for Christmas commercials or magical experiences all year round.

Description: Light & chirpy, feelgood & jolly festive theme. Gives a warm nostalgic glow. Holiday for strings feel with a shuffle beat. Great for fun holiday features, commercials, Christmas background & muzak. Main mix, underscore, 30sec & 30sec underscore.

Description: Traditional festive lively jig or sea-shanty, featuring traditional folk instruments - Flute, Quena, Reed Instrument, Accordion, Bodhran drum, Tambourines, Lute. Christmas how it used to be. Great for traditional festive markets, Xmas muzak & commercials. Main mix & 30sec

Description: Classic Christmas carol given a bright & breezy new contemporary feel. This upbeat version has real pace and is ideal for faster, harder sell 30 sec Radio and TV commercials, whilst retaining the excitement and fun of the festive season.

Description: Jolly & upbeat version of the traditional English folk song from Northumberland. Also known as 'Dance Ti Thy Daddy' or 'Thou shall have a fishy'. Opens with whistle & harmonica, then acoustic guitar joins, building to accordion band style - versions with & w/o sea fx. Main, 30" flute & 30" accord

Description: Edgy, dramatic and tense big sounding theme. Repetitive piano statement puctuated with thrusting strings and synth pads. Great for thrillers, drama, crime and documentary. Main mix, 60, 30, 10sec versions

Description: Reflective and meloncholic with a sinister, darker edge. Begins with single piano notes and distant voices from another dimension, then develops into a light piano theme. Main mix, underscore, 55, 30a, 30b, 30c sec versions and sting.

Description: Melancholy autumnal scene with strings and piano. Gently builds and falls. Contains 3 passages starting with a slow opening, followed by an urgent middle section and then slowing towards the end. Various lengths and mixes available