Description: a classic christmas song, sung by a kids' choir with simple accompaniment.

Description: a classic christmas song, performed with chamber orchestra & kids' vocals.

Description: The full salute and official music for the President of the United States

Description: The official music of the President of the United States, sometimes preceded by Ruffles & Flourishes [which see]

Description: U.S. military bugle call since the Civil War designating rest or honoring the fallen

Description: Music Box with a theme that goes from optimistic to introspective.

Description: Traditional bugle [or trumpet] call usually known for just before the beginning of horse or dog races. Known as "Call To Post" for these races. Also known as "First Call", or "Pre-Reveille" in the military, when played before reveille to gather up the all buglers).

Description: The traditional bugle call for the American warriors that have lost their lives in combat. Put in a more dramatic version, featuring several trumpets, snare drum , bass drum, toms, and cymbal.

Description: Bugle call played by four trumpets in three part harmony, usually solo bugle used as a wake call for the military.

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