Description: Time Honored Musical Icon, Traditional

Description: a capella version of the star spangled banner. bree was chosen to sing this at dodger stadium in la.

Description: Solo piano version of the classic patriotic song.

Description: Electric piano, gospel organ, and orchestral version of the classic.

Description: Positive and negative spot version of America the Beautiful, with dramatic interlude, but positive conclusion.

Description: Gentle electric piano/synth version of the patriotic classic.

Description: This surprisingly sad "America the Beautiful" features soft, dissonant strings as Old Glory struggles to emerge. It's patriotic, but mournful. Then suddenly proud.

Description: Regal and stately grand orchestral version of Great Britain's national anthem. The 3 verse version opens with string orchestra, middle woodwind section and ends with full orchestra. The 1 verse 40sec version is strings & orchestra.

Description: Warm and sentimental featuring solo acoustic piano creating a reflective mood depicting a patriotic scene.

Description: This is the best known and popular of the British national anthems. It came from a poem by James Thomson and was set to music by Thomas Arne in 1740. Here it is done in a upbeat, spirited, and uplifting orchestral ensemble with piano, harp, flute lead melody, choir, with string and oboe sections. 84 bpm.

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