Description: Solo piano version of the classic patriotic song.

Description: Very short button version of ww900100/200038.

Description: Short, transitional version of ww200038.

Description: The famous British anthem played on a dark, slightly out.

Description: Electric piano, gospel organ, and orchestral version of the classic.

Description: Electric piano plays America the Beautiful, then launches into modern funky groove.

Description: Positive and negative spot version of America the Beautiful, with dramatic interlude, but positive conclusion.

Description: Gentle electric piano/synth version of the patriotic classic.

Description: Bluesy version of America the Beautiful without Ray Charles.

Description: Alternate spot, Rock Heavy Fast Positive Hard Advertizing Raucous Reckless Loud Humorous Funny Drums Bass Guitar Band Comic Comedy Urban Travelling American Party Young Contemporary Politics Elections Television TV Radio Up-tempo Advertizing.

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