Description: Reflective Feel Good Ballad Sensitive

Description: Jazzy Piano And Leads With Bar Feel

Description: Uplifting Rhythmic Light Groove With Steady Beats

Description: Sentimental Positive Uplifting Heartwarming Reflective Sensitive

Description: Reflective Tender Feel Good Reflective Sensitive

Description: Funky Electronic Aggressive Without Synth Lead

Description: Excited Fun Groovy Confident Exciting Energetic Fun

Description: Easy Listening, Historic, Historic-1980'S, Muzak, Positive, Driving, Fun, Happy, Adventure, Aggressive, Bouncy, Bright, Confident, Electronic, Enthusiastic, Excited, Groovy, Struttin, Hi Energy, in a Energetic, Exciting, Happy, Aggressive, Adventurous, Confident mood, featuring Drums, Synth, with a Mid, Fast tempo

Description: Smooth And Melodic Easy Listening With Moody Atmosphere

Description: Hi Energy Excited Feel Good Driving Exciting