Description: Muzak, Excited, Uplifting, Feel Good, Confident, in a Exciting, Fun, Energetic, Positive mood, featuring Piano, Bass, Drums, Electronic, with a Fast tempo

Description: Warm and inviting cool groove featuring electric guitar riffs, organ, synth and mellotron. Great for background music, on hold music. Main mix, u/score, 60, 40, 30, 30alt, 12 sec versions

Description: Gentle, warm, relaxed and sunny track. Perfect for travelogue, TV travel channels, Shopping Channels, sales, background music. Choice of main mix, u/score, 60 and 30sec versions

Description: Feel-good, positive, warm, forward-pressing groove. Features picked strat guitar rhythm, warm synths and acoustic guitar lead. Great for talk-over music, backgrounds etc,. Main mix, 60sec, 30sec and loop versions.

Description: Extra smooth chilled out relaxed vibe with continuous mesmerizing rhodes, crisp cymbals, and silky strings over a smooth beat. Useful for instructional DVD, religious programming, documentary bed, late night radio bed, commercial, lounge, corporate presentation, credits, indie film, love scenes.

Description: Smooth laid back jazzy instrumental for quiet relaxing or lounge atmosphere. Featuring mesmerizing rhodes, light percussion beat, blending atmospheric sfx, harmon trumpet mute. Nice for elegant radio or tv commercials or instructional DVD.

Description: Cool, smooth & stylish - a step into contemporary living & design. Graceful floating and gliding along. Features expansive atmospheric pads, bright shimmering sparkles, with a touch of retro mellotron & string quartet. Main mix, 60sec, 30sec versions. Great for Reality TV, Design, Fashion

Description: Confident, positive and uplifting mid-tempo light theme with a strong steady beat and a slight Latin flavour. Features strummed acoustic guitar, electric bass, synth, piano & real drum kit. Ideal for background music, on-hold marketing, exercise music. Main mix, 60sec, 30sec and sting versions.

Description: Reflective underscore muzak track with acid jazz feeling. Envokes deep thought, everyday struggle, and hopes of finding your way in life.

Description: Groovy neo-soul like tunes jamming over a hip-hop beat.

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