Description: Stately march, medium orchestration, salutes armed forces with mini-arrangements.

Description: proud , romantic , political , military , full orchestra.

Description: Military, Marches, Drama, Drama-Adventure, Confident, Determined, Percussive, Driving, Positive, Adventure, in a Energetic, Positive mood, featuring Drums, Fife, Percussion, with a Mid tempo

Description: Jazz, Jazz-Dixieland, Blues, Sassy, Sexy, Excited, Exotic, Raunchy, in a Playful, Exciting mood, featuring Trumpet, Trombone, Muted, Drums, with a Slow tempo

Description: Heroes�me1%, Rick Balentine, SCORE LA Library, military, trumpet, epic

Description: Orchestral string music that is serious, driving and dramatic, with a military flare.

Description: Bold and majestic, featuring dramatic orchestral sonorities and light electronic elements that create an adventurous and triumphant mood. News, important events, grand vistas, Americana, big sky, adventure, exploration, patriotic, sports, military

Description: Inspirational and emotional music track that brings up the images of survival through the hard times, reminiscence and long forgotten memories, expectations of the future and the will to succeed. Features acoustic guitars, orchestral strings, piano and contemporary drum beat, along with synth pads, percussion and bass guitar. This piece will work great in films, commercials, documentaries and different videos.

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