Description: Military drums ready for a battle, war, or any other scenes dealing withmilitary type situation.Different in length from 30 seconds to two and a half minutes. Very easy to loop if needed.Ranging from single snares to full drum kit

Description: Military, Drama, Drama-Danger, Drama-Epic, Drama-Tension, Drama-Adventure, Menacing, Moody, Ominous, Percussive, Dark, Dramatic, Serious, Tension, in a Powerful mood, featuring Drums, Synth, Strings, Snare, with a Varied tempo

Description: 30 second mix of brass, woodwind and percussion sounds in A/B arrangement of marching band. Suggested for comic scenes involving parade, marching band, high school, pep rallies.

Description: U. S. Military Bugle call for wake up, with three muted trombones, snare drum, bass drum, and crash cymbal.

Description: Traditional Haunting Slow Female Humming Lyrical End

Description: Traditional Haunting Slow Female Humming

Description: Military, Drama, Drama-Human Emotions, Drama-Epic, Drama-Adventure, Alienating, Melancholy, Mellow, Atmospheric, Bold, Breathy, Mysterious, Pensive, Pulsing, Quaint, Dark, Dramatic, Sad, Relaxed, Eerie, Sentimental, Serious, Ethereal, Expressive, Floating, Flowing, Tender, in a Mysterious, Reflective mood, featuring Brass, Drone, Drums, Snare, Strings, with a Slow tempo

Description: Spot, Drama Orchestral Industrial Moderate Medium Determined Resolute Heroic Confident Strong Strength Triumphant Proud Serious Intense Piano Drums Bass Brass Horns French horn Strings Percussion Timpani Orchestra Action Suspense Tension Background War Militarism Intro Travelling European American Industry Television TV Radio Movies Panorama Television TV Radio Advertizing Business.

Description: Reflective Retrospective Sad Emotional

Description: Suspense Reflective Majestic Political Olympic No Trumpet

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