Description: Light and delicate Christmas music featuring solo classical acoustic guitar and flute creates an introspective mood.

Description: Daydreamy mind wandering melodica over rhythm made of steam train sounds and percussion. Suitable for journeys by train.

Description: proud , romantic , political , military , full orchestra.

Description: Eighties TV action style music with funky bass and strings.

Description: Slow, delicate track that builds from a simple organ loop to a large climax featuring strings, bass, guitar, rhodes piano, with some tape distortion. A long slow piece for patient listeners.

Description: non-traditional use of piano and pizzicato strings drive this short, up-tempo piece. also features unusual synth sounds, tabla, djembe.

Description: This sound-alike piece to Moby's' Extreme Ways' takes you through the raw and melancholic emotions affiliated with being lost and trying to find your way.

Description: "Typical ""Spaghetti Western"" theme with orchestra and voices and even a whistler ".

Description: Bouncy and sparkly featuring electric guitar in the style of Country music depicting a Christmas holiday scene.