Description: Thoughtful, considered and romantic historic air from 14th century AD England. Slow, gentile and courteous dance, depicting remorse and lost loves or sweet romance. Features authentic instruments from the period including Recorder, Celtic Harp and Lute. Perfect for drama, travelogue, historic documentary. Main, 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Deep, ethereal and atmospheric cinematic piece featuring delayed guitars, inspirational piano melodies and harmonies great for introspective film scenes

Description: Atmospheric and dreamy music track that brings to imagination the images of romance, love, memories, reminiscence. Emotional and inspiring composition that will work great in films, documentaries, videos and more.

Description: An emotional suite of contemporary dramatic composition, starting with a contemplative and melancholic opening, gradually building to an uplifting and inspiring climax. This piece explores the inner struggles as well as the good that can be found inside the

Description: Sneaky, threatening, pensive, semi-orchestral rhythmic underscore. Use to illustrate danger, lurking enemies, suspicion and uneasy feeling, the sense of a threat hiding

Description: Sometimes goodbye really means--I'll see you soon. Tender piano intro, followed by confident acoustic guitar/bass/orchestral strings. 30 second version of full length track 'A Smiling Goodbye' also available here.

Description: Cheery, light hearted, acoustic guitar, acoustic piano

Description: Haunting, pulsing, ethereal guitar melody

Description: Late night, bass, serious, intrigue, cool, mysterious, wa wa

Description: Friendly, acoustic guitar, acoustic piano