Description: Cyber industrial ambient electro with a dynamic feel of mystery and suspense. Hypnotic, groovy tension with cool, modern elements. Available in many other alternate cues: main version / no percussions / 30sec / 60sec / stinger CSI, investigation & crime, dramatic dark urban freaky, edgy aggressive feel. Creates tension and builds suspense, with a spacey ending.

Description: A dramatic underscore for serious, dark and tension filled moments. Good for horror or dramatic projects.

Description: Action suspense thriller build up. Big brass hits pulsating bass cinematic drums.

Description: Experimental dark horror soundtrack. Atonal distorted screechy sounds textured with dark drones and a childlike horror melody box.

Description: A doomsday terrorist attack featuring large orchestra, mixed choir, and pipe organ. Loud, frightening, and horrible. For a matching postlude, listen to Mood Paint's track "Conscience."

Description: this piece starts out childishly, but develops to end chillingly.

Description: Mysterious strings and a mixture of ethnic koto instruments provide suspense and intrigue to a tense atmosphere. Dark elements of synths and electronic keyboard lurk in the background in addition to a repetitive finger clicking beat which suggests creeping up, spying or stalking.

Description: Halloween style children’s piece with a ‘haunted house’ feel. Slightly creepy sounding but nothing too scary for younger consumers. Horror-styled instrumentation is frequently softened with more magical-like musical phrases. Features pizzicato cello phrases with mysterious music box and flute elements. Useful for kids games and apps involving witches, weird creatures, strange landscapes, spooky characters etc.

Description: Gamalan and Bansuri Flute create this legendary, slightly epic slow composition designed to convey slow motion scenes for demonstration techniques or battle scenes conveying a medieval, acient legend edge . Very useful for relaxation purposes which may include martial arts or Tai Chi techniques for oriental purposes.

Description: Small orchestral piece with thriller-like mounting tension. Could begin as a tango-gone-wrong.

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