Description: Welcoming, warm & friendly nu-folk, with a real feelgood vibe. Conjours up visions of long hot sunny days in the countryside, idyllic rustic living, or good wholesome home-made food. Features small ukelele style rhythmic guitars, flutes, glockenspiel & light percussion. Great for family style ads

Description: Uptempo, pastoral, bright, warm and happy acoustic theme. Ideally suited to nature, outdoor, gardening, or even telephone on hold. Prodvided as main theme and 60 and 30 sec versions.

Description: A groovy festive acoustic guitar song with a pirate feeling. Nice partying vibe. Reminds in some way of The pirates in Caribbean by Hans Zimmer. Suites projects where you want a guitar with a medieval groovy beat. acoustic, guitar, tv, pirates, caribbean, Zimmer, Bright, Kids Music, elegant, playful, optimistic, positive, easy, plain, Friendly, Happy, Joyful, Playful, Hopeful, Carefree, Magical, partying, Cheerful, Animation, Childish, Free, Innocent, inspirational, amine, background, fairy tale, medieval, relaxed, contemplative, underscore, cartoon, children's, animation, groovy, summer, medium tempo

Description: Beautiful, sad dramatic solo guitar piece. Inspired by Beethoven´s sonata. Sonata, romantic, relaxed, contemplative, peaceful, Longing, Reflective, Emotional, comforting, Calming, warm, Background, beautiful, acoustic, guitar, beethoven, moonlight, classical, dramatic, sincere, Atmospheric, Tranquil, Nostalgic, relaxing, tender, meditative, romance, sad, sensual, easy, elegant, Tender, cool, Vibrant, Sweet, inspiring, motivational, moving, Appealing, dreamy, Soothing, plain, laidback, heart, soundtrack, underscore, slow, nice

Description: Western, Rock, Rock-Folk, Rock-Pop, Folk, Americana, Americana-Miscellaneous, Americana-Folk, Beautiful, Ballad, Laid Back, Pleasant, Panoramic, Carefree, Charming, Positive, Reflective, Relaxed, Romantic, Sensual, Sentimental, Delicate, Feel Good, Flowing, Smooth, Soft, Tender, Happy, Uplifting, Gentle, Western, Traveling, Peaceful, in a Heartwarming, Positive, Reflective, Sensitive, Happy, Emotional, Adventurous, Energetic, Exciting mood, featuring Guitar, Acoustic, with a Fast tempo

Description: A nice little sad solo guitar tune for TV/slideshow flash animation. Tender and touching. Sentimental longing, flashbacks to better times. Facing a new day, new beginnings, uplifting and dreamy, peaceful and reflective. Calm, Easy, acoustic guitar Longing, meditative, acoustic guitar Beautiful acoustic guitar Thoughtful Warm Vibrant Atmospheric acoustic guitar Relaxing acoustic guitar Sad Slow Emotional acoustic guitar Sensitive Tender Serene Meditative acoustic guitar Sweet Elegant Intelligent contemplative acoustic guitar motivational inspirational sentimental sincere soft soothing acoustic guitar new age tranquil acoustic guitar slow tempo

Description: A charming Guitar duet played with bottle neck. Soft sweet melody, wholesome and down homey folksy. For Rural themes with scenes reflecting wholesome good times. Also great for commercials, phone on hold, road trip, hiking opening in comedy. happy laid back feeling, good old times. Gillian Welch, Soft, Mellow, Sweet, Lonesome, Steel Guitar, Easy, Vibrant, Beautiful, Warm, acoustic, guitar, Free, Calm, Friendly, happy, Confident, Groovy, Peaceful, Driving, Nostalgic, Pleased, Wholesome, Motivational, Tranquil, Relaxing, Rhythmic, Reflective, Inspiring, Positive, folksy, finger picking, down home, soft, country, advertisement, corporate, commercials, presentation, promotion, Modern, Contemporary, motivating

Description: Bouncy, strummed uke in a Bo Diddley feel with fun acoustic guitar melody, bass, and finger snaps. Sounds like a small get-together with friends.

Description: Optimistic and positive country guitar tune. Uplifting and happy. 30s, 40s, Nice, acoustic guitar advertisement, background, bright, acoustic guitar business, carefree, cheerful/happy, country acoustic guitar, easy, festive, finger, folk, acoustic guitar folksy, guitar, guitars, hank williams, acoustic guitar happy, acoustic guitar home, hopeful, inspirational, inspiring, light, nostalgic, old, acoustic guitar optimistic, picking, playful, acoustic guitar positive, presentation, promotion, successful, uplifting, acoustic guitar medium tempo

Description: A hopeful acoustic guitar tune for different settings. Background, drama advertise TV/slideshow flash. Comforting and touching. Sentimental longing, flashbacks to better times. Facing a new day, peaceful, reflective with a pop feeling. acoustic, guitar, longing, hopeful, pop, positive, inspiring, thoughtful, relaxed, peaceful, Reflective, Emotional, Atmospheric, Nostalgic, relaxing, tender, warm, Background, beautiful, romantic, easy, elegant, inspirational, motivating, cool, Vibrant, Sweet, motivational, moving, Appealing, dreamy, plain, laidback, heart, romance, nice, medium tempo

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