Description: A fun and jubilent march that's loaded with an unusual instrumentation of accordion, flute, tuba, mandolin, acoustic guitar and marching drums.

Description: It's never too late to see the error of our ways. Instrumental featuring piano, vibes, guitar, bass and percussion.

Description: An inspirational and friendly march with a feeling of joy about the future. A perfect song for a positive attitude.

Description: A very light and frolicking tune perfect for children playing outdoor games on a summer's eve featuring piano, marimba, guitar, strings, cellos, french horn and electric piano.

Description: A relaxed, childish and joyous march featuring, accordion, acoustic guitar, mandolin, marimba, piano, tuba and drums.

Description: A very quirky yet cute and jazzy march featuring flute, marimba, piano, acoustic guitar, tuba and drums.

Description: A very relaxed yet euphoric march with an unusual instrumentation of piano, acoustic guitar, tuba, acoustic bass, cello, flutes and orchestral percussion.

Description: A logical and determined jazz march with piano, flutes, french horn, trombone, acoustic guitar, tuba and orchestral percussion.

Description: Picture a little girl, seeing for the first time a group of ice skaters all dressed in white. How mesmerizing it would be to watch them doing their spins and turns,and flights of fancy! featuring piano and acoustic guitar.

Description: Funny and Silly take the stage as a ballerina whirls and twirls her way to delirium. This orchestra piece is meant to evoke a smile and a laugh as you imagine a ballerina who can't take any more spins.

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