Description: An evocative medieval piece in the style of Middle Ages England. Using traditional instruments, it has a sombre and delicate beauty with melodies evolving and returning. Invoking scenes of castles, knights and banquets, it is ideal for any historic TV, Film or animation production set in Ye Olden Times.

Description: An acoustic track with a sad piano and guitar along with some acoustic drums

Description: Vintage beautiful melody imitating antique medieval music box with dancing balley dancer. Vintage sounds like clavicord, bells and wind-up mechanism are supported with contemporary drums rhythm. For unique delicate projects with aristokratic mood.

Description: A war anthem, written for the medieval times where all men fought with horses and swords. Using classical instruments, industrial drums, sound effects, and latin words sang by orchestra this audio theme ready to captivate your audience.

Description: World middle east prayer worship desert ancient ritual.

Description: Modern dance based on the medieval bagpipe mixing with the current time comemrcial dance.

Description: Greensleeves played by medieval instruments - is a famous folk medieval melody of English tradition.

Description: A celtic or medieval mood for this composition, the harp and violin give a romantic feeling. I hope this stylish composition can enhance your project, whether it be for corporate or personal use.

Description: Composition medieval ancient atmospheres played by 4 Celtic flutes

Description: Renaissance composition with ancient Celtic harp and flutes

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