Description: Eccentric, strange and a little creepy. Classic comic horror and stealth. Features clarinet, pizzicato strings, glockenspiel, trombone and marimba. Main mix, u/score, 60, 30 and 10sec versions

Description: Classic mystery themes in the style of popular TV series. Some of these are recorded entirely with a live orchestra, others with a combination of orchestral and electronic elements, like so much of television music today. Good for drama, tv mystery, law & crime, intrigue and story theme.

Description: Sharp piano licks with strings create serious atmosphere suggesting a crime related scenario.

Description: Retro Keyboard chords play in the background creating a 1950's electronic effect suggesting computer system, alien invasion or radar detecting UFO danger nearby. Dramatic strings occasionally feature throughout which add more tension, building a sense of near threat. Very useful for horror, tense or dramatic fear end uses.

Description: This is very energetic track for traffic or news jingles.

Description: This horrific organ and timpani drum music provides just the ticket to provoke a sense of doom and fear. Perfect for use in a wide variety of scary applications, this music works especially well with video game castle, dungeon, and evil levels.

Description: Horror Sound, scary and tension fear sound, you can use it in any kind of projects that has dramatic panic feeling in it. You can use it in games, AE projects, presentations, openings, corporate and commerce projects...

Description: Whimsical Halloween or horror music. Upbeat, fast and flowing Kooky parody of classic sixties TV comic horror themes. Features electronic organs, electric guitar, brass and electronic fx. Perfect for radio and television commercials for horror theme parks, childrens TV, comedy or parody. 60sec and 30sec full and no fx mixes

Description: Electro Orchestral Industrial tension and action. Hypnotic, groovy tension with cool, modern elements. Building structure and cinematic feeling for tension, suspense, action crime, chase, mistery, ominous dramatic power. Available in : main version / no lead melodies / 60sec / 30sec / bumper / stinger. Action Adventure Epic Gothic Horror Trailer Videogames Hollywood Fight Fantasy Army Supernatural Mystery Sci-Fi

Description: Symphonic orchestra and rock metal band for an aggressive and powerful action track with breaks, themes and special sections. Cofrontational, tensive and heroic epic mood for sports, soundtracks, energy and dangerous situations. Available in many versions: main / no lead melodies / 60sec / 30sec / Breaks, all with an Orchestra Only version. Action, Adventure, Epic, Chase, Army, Trailer, Videogames, sports, racing, running, impact.

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