Description: A thoughtful, emotional and reflective track featuring soft, gentle, and beautiful piano melody.

Description: Perfect for reality television, light corporate visual accompaniment & commercials.

Description: Symphonic orchestral sound, powerful and dynamic, great for heroic action, tension epic, confrontational, battlescene, adventures. Also good for tension mystery and crime in progress, or epic sport challenge. Building structure and breaks; music theme not invasive and solid orchestration Available in many versions: main / no lead melodies / 75sec / 60sec / 30sec / bumper / stinger. Action, Adventure, Epic, Chase, Army, Trailer, Videogames, sports, racing, running, impact.

Description: Inspiring loop for the background. Atmospheric pads, light, romantic and sentimental mood.

Description: Deep orchestral basses, mysterious

Description: Pleasant, Relaxed, Warm

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