Description: Beautiful cinematic orchestral piece featuring pizzicato cello, vibraphone, french horn and marimba. This piece will perfectly suit for advertising, movie, game, promotional video, tv programm, photo album, vacation film, presentation and Youtube video.

Description: Soft movement string orchestra with oboe and bassoon (fagotto)

Description: Classy and engaging track with jazzy piano, double bass and drums going into an explosive chorus with full brass. Great for theatre and other glorious projects!

Description: Long Slow Emotional Sad Piano is Cinematic sad reflective depressed piano music which also have a sweet romantic touch of hope in the melody. Bitter easy pensive background music with a somber touch of dark depressing feeling in slow tempo. Blue lonely thoughtful searching melody with a comforting emotion. Quiet murky muddy solo piano made to be used as: Background music in films, soundtrack or underscore in a sad drama, tragic historical documentary, mournful photo slideshow, funeral memorial video, a sentimental dark grey day, saddened calm peaceful still nature. An only slow pessimistic morose gloomy piano piece for oil spill, cataclysm, catastrophe, dead landscape, lonely fateful industrial area, disaster pollution, slow global warming etc.

Description: A sensitive piano solo instrumental track. This track may be incorporated into various types of media applications including commercials, advertisements, film/television, wedding videos, video-albums, etc.

Description: Cinematic Orchestral composition with relaxed Piano lead

Description: A grand and inspirational musical depiction of the

Description: A nostalgic track that feels builds to a grand finale.

Description: Gentle slow instrumental peace with a feeling of fairytale.

Description: This track is based on a sequence of acoustic guitar harmonics. I also added drums, base and pads.