Description: Strutting, Self Assured

Description: Soft orchestral track with high emotional impact. Sense of discovery but also of safety and harmony, like a big car driving in a Highlands landscape. Structure A B A2; with the B more slow, emphatic and melancholic. Available also in 30 sec cue. Epic, exciting, beautiful music, for Hollywood Romance, film trailer, intro, travel. Commercial Documentary Dramatic Hollywood Infomercial Trailer Narrative New Age Romantic Classical

Description: Dangerous & Dramatic

Description: Rhythmic and Interrupted

Description: Regretful, Poignant, Western

Description: Relentless, Powerful, Driven

Description: Reflective, Unwinding

Description: Soundtrack, Cinematic Jazz, Dark, Uplifting, Peter Gunn, Retro, Cool, Mystery, Action, Drama, Tension, Hypnotic, Reflective, Mission Impossible

Description: Gentle slow instrumental peace with a feeling of fairytale.