Description: This is a jazz blues instrumental made to sound very old and scratchy as on a gramaphone phonograph.I wrote and recorded it on reel to reel in the seventies.It faded a lot so didnt want to waste it.Ideal for nostalgic cues.

Description: comic chase - think keystone cops and charlie chaplin.

Description: piano led orchestral underscore.

Description: A sixties song logo for spy, action movie, tv series or tv quiz. Un jingle pour film d'espionnage ou d'action, ou de jeux télévisée, très sixties.

Description: this piece was originally written to accompany shots of someone on a bike. it denotes movement. very well.

Description: Film music- ballad with electric guitar melodies and orchestra. Very picturesque .

Description: Instrumental Soundtrack music with Synthesizer and classical Guitar lead

Description: Relaxed soundtrack music with classic Guitar lead

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