Description: this is an Intro for a film/cinemation

Description: this song is fast techno style song

Description: a song with a mystic pad with orchestra

Description: Defiant edgy sounding cinematic instrumental with sweeping pads, cools beats. The piano in this song represents the steps that need to be taken to reach achievement of your goals. Music for people that desire positive change in the world. Power and determination. Volunteering. Or emphasize honor for military duty in a cool way.

Description: Defiant sounding cinematic instrumental with sweeping pads, cools beats and racing hi-hats. Gives a feeling of power and determination. Or emphasize honor for military duty in a cool way. Gives the same edgy feel as the intro scene to "Top Gun".

Description: A sixties song logo for spy, action movie, tv series or tv quiz. Un jingle pour film d'espionnage ou d'action, ou de jeux télévisée, très sixties.

Description: A laid-back, happy theme song with piano, organ, cello and flute backed by light percussion.

Description: Tragic classical guitar with beautiful emotional strings, traditional european gypsy style melody of despair and lost love. Heartbreak, broken hearts and lost loves. Will work well as an underscore if you are looking for a Godfather soundtrack type track, perfect for dramatic underscore.

Description: A guitar driven mystic drama track. A guitar starts and follows by a cool sweeping dramatic cinematic feeling. Modern beat cinematic spooky. Made for suspensful drama in dark places, Inspired by Fringe and Michael Giacchino. Cinematic, Evil, Horror, Dark, Scary, Haunting, spooky, Ominous, Halloween, Suspense, Dangerous, Edgy, Anguished, Restless, Nightmare, Eerie, Ghost, Psychological, Terror, ominous, cinematic, evil, Sinister, horror, Mysterious, soundtrack, creepy, Fantasy, Threatening,

Description: Track starts slowly with a string and piano combination, which gradually builds offering a sense of inspiration, determination and resolve. Very useful composition for film promo or trailer to imply success, mournful loss, remembrance or heroic inspiration.