Description: Best Epic music for your projects!

Description: An emotional and bittersweet spiritual backing sound track with a deep sense of sadness or calm contentment. A lush gentle string section, sweet flute melody, orchestra percussion, and an angelic choir that builds up to a high and uplifting ending, This music can create and intensify many subliminal feelings needed to be portrayed in a production.

Description: piano led orchestral underscore.

Description: Emotional, cinematic, epic, trailer music. Perfect for presentation, youtube videos, advertisement, slideshow, promotion, trailer, teaser and any project that need emotional, epic, dramatic, cinematic mood and orchestral sound.

Description: Film, mischievous, circus, dark, naughty kids

Description: A composition for film and fantasy production as video games.

Description: Film, mischievous, circus, dark, naughty kids

Description: This one is an inspired, joyful, positive, uplifting orchestral music for commercial use. Perfect for youtube videos, slideshow, advertisement, promotion, presentation, advertisement, wedding videos and many other project!

Description: Bold, symphonic, exciting intro, lyric theme

Description: Cinematic, dramatic, epic, inspirational trailer music. Perfect for film trailer, advertisement trailer, youtube videos, slideshow, promotion, slideshow and any project that need powerful, inspire, dramatic, epic, motivational mood and orchestral sound.

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