Description: This is a famous well know song and known as the old west cowboy's anthem. It is also the Kansas State song. With it's popularity and association to western imagery it is sure to fit in perfect for any associates project. Here it is done with traditional instrumentation that would have been heard over 100 years ago. The piano, horns, and reed instruments really give the feel of a lonesome campfire on the prairie, rot gut whiskey saloon, settlers on a wagon train, or a turn of the century cattle drive! 66 beats per minute.

Description: Somewhat dirty, gritty, grinding Big Beat track with a determined, hard slamming downtempo beat and nasty guitar + bass riffing

Description: A dirgy Western soundtrack feel, lonesome and doomy.

Description: In the wild west, Buffalo Bill or something

Description: This is the sound of 19th century America from the civil war to Lincoln to reconstruction and the building of the transcontinental rail road.

Description: Easy acoustic folk tune played on guitars

Description: Quirky acoustic guitar piece with a swampy groove

Description: Sentimental old time style swing tune played on acoustic guitars

Description: Simple slow waltz played with guitars

Description: Medium tempo americana recorded with acoustic guitars