Description: A dirgy Western soundtrack feel, lonesome and doomy.

Description: In the wild west, Buffalo Bill or something

Description: This is the sound of 19th century America from the civil war to Lincoln to reconstruction and the building of the transcontinental rail road.

Description: Easy acoustic folk tune played on guitars

Description: Quirky acoustic guitar piece with a swampy groove

Description: Sentimental old time style swing tune played on acoustic guitars

Description: Simple slow waltz played with guitars

Description: Medium tempo americana recorded with acoustic guitars

Description: Fun, uptempo & lively, toe-tapping country barn dance. Real Catchy and infectious - Yee-Haa! A bit bluegrass, a bit hillybilly, a bit hoe-down with traditional instrumentation. Great for Deep South Americana or travelogue. Main mix, underscore & 30sec versions

Description: Marching band version of the well-known tune from the mid 1800's. 'When Johnny Comes Marching Home' was a motivational song for soldiers returning from the civil war. Features military snares, piccolos, trumpets, trombones, & glockenspiel. Main mix, piccolo mix, alt end mix & 30sec versions.