Description: Dreamy inspiring background for your madia projects. It sets romantic and a bit melancholic mood. Suitable for presentations, tutorials, slideshows.

Description: Mid tempo soul track with male vocals. Similar to 'bill withers' type music. Full band including guitar, drums, wurlitzer, drums, BV's and hammond.

Description: Soul Track, with man and woman voices.

Description: An exciting old school RnB groove track ala Aretha Franklin, lady soul vocals, a funky pop beat, thick bass, funky guitar and organ. Can’t stop moving toe tapping, head bopping, fun music for underscores, film, tv, radio play, promos, adverts, radio, hip retro programming multimedia presentations

Description: A soulful and poignant guitar driven instrumental track conjuring images of summer nights in the South and romance.

Description: Funky, soulful mid tempo tune with organ prominent. Strutting guitar and horn section.

Description: Archie Bell and Drells could have recording this one. Bright uptempo Hammond B-3 sound with funky rhythm guitar.

Description: Quiet in the woods... Smooth, Mid-tempo, RnB, Soul, Soulful, Pop, Ballad, Southern Soul, Adult Contemporary, Laid back, Chill, Easy listening, Romance, I Love You, Soul Mate, Love making, Sexy, Spiritual, Feel good, Vibe, Travel, Weather Channel, Love, In Love, Relationships, Electric Pianos, Bass, Guitars, Strings, Horns, Percussion, TV Cue, Score, TV, Film, TV Cue, Radio, Video Game, Youtube, Movie, Soundtrack, Instrumental, Background, Music, Beat, Track.

Description: summery feelgood track with rock guitar, spanish guitar, spacey synth pads & phat beats.

Description: smooth soul instrumental with lush string melodies, bright piano & spanish guitar.