Description: 1960s inspired, innocent beach party rock with beach boys-esque “ooo-woo” vocals.

Description: Venture into a beach blanket time warp with this surf guitar retrospective. Try to restrain yourself from doing the Swim, the Hully Gully, and the Jerk, I dare you!

Description: Rock, Surf, Light, Quirky, Peter Gunn, Cool, Mystery, Tension, Cheesy, Comedy, Sparse, Austin Powers

Description: The famous surf music for all tastes, reverb tunes from the 60s, like the soundtrack of "Pulp Fiction"! Vintage driving surf guitars, groovy rhythm suitable for all projects! It's time to SURF!

Description: Dark surf track with flamenco guitars and style, sounds like "Pulp Fiction"!

Description: This song takes you back to the 1950's with some classic piano and guitar boogie woogie. Think soda shops, drive-in theaters, and poodle skirts. This version is a 60 second edit. Also available as the full version, seamless loop, and 30 second edit.

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