Description: Big mid-tempo surf sound, with guitars, violin, organ.

Description: Gritty rock/garage band feel, with a 60's surf twist.

Description: Gritty mid-tempo rocker with a hard surf edge.

Description: Sweet, slow ballad featuring a lovely guitar/violin duet. Will tug at the heartstrings.

Description: Sweet, sentimental surf rock ballad with violins.

Description: Dramatic, spacey, watery dive into the reef. Surf-rock with enough effects to feel as if your snorkeling with the fishes.

Description: Uptempo, bright surf rock piece...very 60's.

Description: Scary guitar effect intro leads to eerie, dramatic, threatening, mid-tempo melody with a surf feel.

Description: Sweet yet dramatic surf/Latin-feel ballad, with prominent violin.

Description: Soft, repetitive, melodic being on a slow carousel.