Description: surf, rock, alternative, cool, adventurous, busy, fun, motivating.

Description: Upbeat instrumental surf rock action. Great spy music!

Description: Venture into a beach blanket time warp with this surf guitar retrospective. Try to restrain yourself from doing the Swim, the Hully Gully, and the Jerk, I dare you!

Description: Midtempo, surf rock feel...makes you feel like you're swimming in it...

Description: Evil, manaic laughter starts this midtempo,beat laden track...heavy on drums and organ with surf guitar.

Description: 60's surf guitar intro leads into brooding, downtempo piece.

Description: Summer fun and sun! This track really rocks a positive message. Could be used in a teen movie. Perfect for a song bed for lyrics. Beach party. Road trip. Ocean waves and sunshine. Innocent, playful and youthful. Going on vacation, or Spring break. Perfect for exciting Action and Sports.

Description: Big mid-tempo surf sound, with guitars, violin, organ.