Description: Darkly dramatic organ riffs into downtempo heavy rock/surf theme.

Description: Uptempo, 60's, Tex-Mex feel, with organ, keys prominent.

Description: Mid-tempo jazzy R&B instrumental souled by organ.

Description: Surf's up! Uptempo, rockin' organ and guitar, with drumming that will make you think "Wipe Out"!

Description: Uptempo Rock instrumental featuring organ, guitar...bright and breezy with a bit of a surf feel.

Description: Slow, thoughtful intro leads to uptempo rock instrumental with bright, energetic, surf-y feel.

Description: Surf-flavored instrumental featuring organ. Has a 60's cocktail lounge feel.

Description: Midtempo Fafisa extravaganza of surf tones.

Description: Sinuous guitar lines, bangin' drums, uptempo surf music.

Description: Brief vocal intro leads to frenetic, butt kicking surf guitar.