Description: surf, rock, alternative, cool, adventurous, busy, fun, motivating.

Description: Upbeat instrumental surf rock action. Great spy music!

Description: Venture into a beach blanket time warp with this surf guitar retrospective. Try to restrain yourself from doing the Swim, the Hully Gully, and the Jerk, I dare you!

Description: Midtempo, surf rock feel...makes you feel like you're swimming in it...

Description: Sixties Music with a bounce. Happy and fun instrumental music with influences from the 60's. Guitars, Drums, Bass and Strings. A cross between The Monkeys, The Beatles and The Beach Boys. Rock and Roll, Pop Rock, Rock n' Roll.

Description: Fast and funny surf guitar music patterned after Dick Dale. Great for spastic action, humorous ads, interstitials, or wacky animated transitions.

Description: Driving and edgy theme with a lot of distortion and energy. It fits very well to action scenes. Perfect loopable!

Description: Energetic and upbeat retro surf rock with driving drums and solo electric guitar create an underscore for a beach scene.