Description: Hard, fast, twangy, sliding guitars and a barbershop-style chorus (no lyrics, just oohing). You can practically feel the sand in your ears.

Description: Catch the big waves with this uptempo, surf rock track. If you're looking for that signature, surf rock sound, look no further. Complete with electric guitar, bass guitar, and drums.

Description: Edgy and driving, featuring a Surf Rock feel and heavy drums that create a bold and energetic mood. Beach, summer, surf competition, surfing, surfboard, travel, Hawaii, California.

Description: Venture into a beach blanket time warp with this surf guitar retrospective. Try to restrain yourself from doing the Swim, the Hully Gully, and the Jerk, I dare you!

Description: surf, rock, alternative, cool, adventurous, busy, fun, motivating.

Description: Rock, Surf, Dark, Quirky, Uplifting, Underscore, Cool, Mystery, Action, Drama, Comedy, Tension, Hypnotic, Reflective, Montage, Cheesy, Mission Impossible

Description: Rock Guitar Confident Fun Electric Adventurous

Description: Nostalgic and reminiscent retro surf rock creates a mood of romance and slow dancing.

Description: Energetic and upbeat retro surf rock with driving drums and solo electric guitar create an underscore for a beach scene.

Description: Driving retro surf rock with a bluesy feel creates a determined mood.

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