Description: break-neck double-kick and fast paced guitars punctuated with synth breaks and sparse leads.

Description: sex-driven and fun, the rock guitar and "hey" recall that first encounter

Description: Hammond organ along with vibes and sax flesh out this hustler's theme, a la Ocean's Eleven.

Description: This funky tune belongs in a 70's era TV show. Ever wonder what Fred Sanford really thought of Aunt Esther?

Description: A bluesy rocker that will get your blood going in the morning! Guitar, organ and a touch of synth.

Description: Lonely and somewhat ethereal, ocarina carries the piece to a fade-out, has the magic of a night in the desert

Description: Robert Smith on Ritalin, sad, moody, longing for a sunny day

Description: Dick Dale meets the aliens! Surf guitar riffs with synth-pop sensibilities.

Description: Melancholy and wanting, this guitar and piano piece is like a sad good-bye.