Description: Thick break-beat drums, old-school funky drum loops, big spacey build-up effects, thick layered trance style synth stabs, low pounding wood synth bass, and haunting piano-choir chord stabs / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs alternative synth rock in the vein of early Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit.

Description: Powerful 80's style analog synth chord stabs, low electric bass guitar, live drums, banging drum machines, old-school hip-hop drum loops, crisp percussion, smooth jazzy Rhodes chords, a lead flute and electric guitar melody line, lush pads, and mute jazz electric guitar. Perfect cue for a film or TV show that needs a synth pop instrumental that combines the 80's with the sounds of today.

Description: Dark thumping kicks, snares, & percussion, crisp rides, low synth drones, electro synth leads, a haunting electric guitar solo, rich & warm sub bass, and old-school hip-hop drum loops / Perfect cue for a film or TV show that needs deep & reflective sounding electro-rock-pop music