Description: This is an energetic and uplifting rock song full of adrenaline. It features layered and distorted guitars with heavy rock drums for an edgy, aggressive sound. Works well for anything where you need a lot of energy, like an action sequence or an extreme sports clip - or why not a fast car driving scene.

Description: This is a short funky little ditty in the style of The Red Hot Chili Peppers. It features slap bass, drums and guitar. It is exactly half a minute long to fit your 30-second projects. Fits an advert, cool animation or a short corporate video with a cool feel.

Description: This is a seamless loop of an epic rock guitar solo. Drums, bass and electric guitar are the main instruments, with a string section filling out in the background. Perfect as accompaniment for a heroic or sad defeated moment in a video game or film, or when a character is about to do something difficult. The tempo is 75 bpm.

Description: This 22-second piece of music is suitable as an opener or combined with short ending credits. Would also work really well as video game music. It features a really fast shred guitar solo, but played over a dreamy and calm chord progression.