Description: A fun smart cool and bouncy surfish rock track with a modern retro feel featuring elements of classic rock wah wah synths, Clapton guitar, wicked fast jazzy piano blues licks. Useful for a variety of media projects from adverts to background ambience for products, high tech gadgets, video games, tv. Spoken Word, Rock Music, Progressive Rock

Description: The classic hawaiian song performed in a relaxed soothing style

Description: Killer rocking track both dramatic and intense, Featuring a fusion power trio of heavy guitar, massive bass and Zeppelin style drumming with cool synths. interwoven producing a solid move your body tune. Great for sports video, film, tv backgrounds, exciting happening events, hardcore fun and action

Description: Bold, Powerful Heavy classic pop rock track featuring strong female vocals, screaming electric guitar phrases, fat tight expressive fuzz synth bass riffs, with a solid drum beat along with big tom kicks. A strong memorable love song for radio play, film, tv scenes various media productions, in store

Description: A smooth, sultry solid pop rock track featuring a superb male vocal performance, wonderful female backing vocals, fat bass lines, and tight drum beat, strong steady piano, guitar. This smartly constructed retro feel original track is for a wide range for media projects, tv theme, radio play, video

Description: A smooth & sultry solid pop rock track featuring a superb male vocal performance, a powerful drum back beat, fat bass, strong piano, steady guitar riffs. A tightly constructed retro feel original track. Music for a wide range for media projects, tv theme, radio play, video, in store shopping tunes.

Description: An intensely powerful epic pop rock number, top hit, featuring strong male vocals, rock star guitar lead lines over solid pumping beat of piano guitar bass drums. Superb club feel, strong house beat, tightly constructed & very musical an excellent backing for film, tv, radio, video, workout video. Male Vocals, Indie Rock, Alt Rock

Description: An expressive, light hearted pop rock number, indie style, featuring excellent male vocals, dulcimer lead lines over a bouncy fun retro beat and tight rhythm section. Chorus shouts. A tightly constructed original track for underscores, film, tv, radio play, video, night life, in store, phone on hold, Male Vocals, Indie Rock,

Description: A happy upbeat alternate indie pop song, top hit, featuring charming female vocals, solid in the pocket groove from piano, guitar bass & drums. Catchy dulcimer riffs, natural feel, airy light, tightly constructed, very musical, excellent backing for film, tv, radio, video, variety media productions

Description: A bold & powerful rock solid tight pop track featuring strong heartfelt emotional female RnB vocals, a heroic electric guitar solo, a solid rhythm section & super bluesy riffs. Fresh & fashionable, this bright musical number is for radio play, or commercial applications in a variety media production

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