Description: Each instrument in this track sings its own melody and carves out its own hypnotic groove to form a truly balanced and sophsticated musical tapestry. Syncopation is the essence of this SoundSet and as such, it generates a lot of energy through a meld of j.

Description: Rock your production with this power-filled, attention-getting yet intelligent track. The music is made up of four sections, one of which is in calm contrast to the others. Naturally the track is heavy on the guitars; however it is peppered with some elec.

Description: This homage to U2 arouses feelings of hope for the future and a sense of moving forward. Two parts make up this tune: The first contains the main theme where the guitar is prominent while the second part is more reserved and pensive. Use this tune in prod.

Description: The descending melody line in the guitars signals a comforting, positive feeling of resolution. This music is ideal for a conclusion to a story where the hero triumphs or is released from something that was confining.

Description: Born in the back of a smoky blues bar, this groovy tune will certainly help you forget your troubles and get your toes tapping. The guitar melody has a lot of swing and soul and the whole sound is treated with filters to emulate the ambiance of a blues ca.

Description: The Mission Impossible theme on steroids...An unforgettable guitar lick rocks this beat combining elements of suspense and adventure. Use this tune to portray a bad-boy image and to spice up your production with anticipation.

Description: This memorable guitar lick with a progressive beat make this tune perfect for just about any production that wishes to evoke a positive sense of empowerment. The activity in the drums speaks of motion and vitality.

Description: This nasty sound may be just what your production needs. The guitar punches out a groove above several rambunctious drum rhythms with a wailing synth in the background. Themes such as extreme sports or cutting-edge science fiction would benefit greatly fr.

Description: Ideal for many types of photographic special effects, this SoundSet offers a striking contrast between ethereal and energetic elements. There are three different drum grooves that are used and each offers a different dimension of sound within the tune. Th.

Description: Extreme sports anyone? This sound is the perfect score for any sport that defies gravity and a sense of sanity. The meld of electronic and rock elements grind and churn over an energetic beat.

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