Description: Hard driving beat and music makes you want to get on the road and go. Steady guitar and drum beats

Description: distraught track that is heart pulsating get you moving forward, high energy with rock organ, and growling guitar.

Description: Barbed Wire is edgy with electric guitar with feedback against a relaxed strumming guitar contrasting with back up.

Description: Industrial intro with big time drum kicks and base. Stomp the floor and get dancing with base, and crazy flute along with electric guitar riffs

Description: hop into dance moves and spin with base and crazy beats. Light flute and electric guitar bounce off one another

Description: cool shades has a driving pulp fiction drum beat that has rocking organs and piano. Makes you want to surf that big wave.

Description: Just a cool jam is just that , cool electric piano with smooth rocking beats.

Description: Razors edge has a fast beat with a squealing electric guitar.

Description: Grab a wave and a surf board and ride this song.

Description: Dark and for boding bass and grunge guitars alternate on this track that pound away

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