Description: Slowly engaging synths and bass guitar, rhythmic drum kit, rock guitar hits - kind of like solos, with a bit of effects on them. It ends with a synthistic, electro-bass rhythms.

Description: An engaging, full of energy and fun orchestral song with piano, soft guitar melodies, drum kits, strings and marimbas.

Description: Energetic and motivational rock perfect to jump start your day or to relax at the end of it.

Description: Fun and cheering, this pop rock, rhythmical guitar and electro piano driven music track delivers a stylish and uplifting atmosphere.

Description: Here is a rock and hard rock instrumental music track. Sharp, sexy stylish, with a cool solo all the way through of an easy flow.

Description: Fast paced, electro-tribal rock.

Description: Funky, comedy rock with energetic (kind of like mexican) guitar hits and solos. Imagine a platform game where you play a guy with over-scaled head, hitting hobos with a baseball bat.

Description: A mix of soft rock and electronic music might have done that. It starts of quickly and rhythmically. Guitars as well as synth basses gives it a sort of Space feeling to it, with a very positive outcome through out the whole track.

Description: Funky, positive and uplifting pop/rock music track with electric guitars, bass guitar and drums.