Description: An upbeat rock song featuring cool, crunchy guitars, a catchy beat, some cinematic percussion underscore, and some sweet lead guitars.

Description: A fun, adventurous song featuring an assortment of guitars, ukulele, glockenspiel, and drums. Sure to bring excitement and adventure to any project!

Description: Modern, calm rocky pattern. Best for presentations, commercials etc. The music will fit in with a broadly-taken background music.

Description: Alternate version of ww100089, with bigger ending.

Description: bass guitar, electric guitar, electric piano, electric organ, piano, drums, percussion, film, score, mo, movie

Description: Guitar driven ethereal delay-laden pop alternative vibe with strong rhythm lick ala U2.

Description: Acoustic Guitar Electric Guitar Bass Drums.

Description: classic rock bluesy tune similar in feel and sound to rolling stones, early aerosmith etc.

Description: fifties rock instrumental, original music from seattle.

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