Description: A determination to live this life in front of me.

Description: Sounds very busy, like bees or fast motion with a country-esque feel. Quite a few changes in instrumentation and feel.

Description: Big drums and guitars with chorus of vocals. Blistering speed guitar lead.

Description: This track uses light rock and pleasing melodies to convey a feeling of happiness and activity.

Description: Sounds like marching or attacking by a robot army. Aggressive, cold.

Description: Dreamy guitars and cello along with a haunting lyric. Melancholy and dreamy.

Description: Thinking back on a former love and an innocent time.

Description: Midtempo lilting instrumental that features a sad cello and cool electric guitars. It starts out slow and then swings.

Description: dreamy and otherworldly, urban inspired warning.

Description: Sounds happy and light with a moving bass part and melodic guitars at the break. Clean funky electric drives the rhythm.

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