Description: Lots of drums and electric guitar that will drive you to the point of happiness beyond a shadow of a doubt. By Film Composer Jeremy Khawaja.

Description: Lots and lots of happy guitar riffs with some easy to follow percussion with rythmic beat. Easy on the ears, but great to have as background music, especially in commercials. By Film Composer Jeremy Khawaja.

Description: A very expiramental guitar rock song, perfect for television show, or background TV music. Has guitar, bass, and drums which are most elegantly played. Also would go over very well as film music. A very masterfully well put together piece. You definteley want to check this one out! Of the Post-Rock Genre.

Description: A sort of subtle post-rock song, light guitar arpeggios and riffs, with light drums working out the experimental feel, that would be great as a cover song in a TV song, Tv music, background film music, very good for web commercials. But it builds into a little more lively action! A must hear! By Silence In Central Park.

Description: A very beautifully written indie rock piece... would work so perfectly in a tv series or just background music for a television show. Also great for romantic comedies in the film music area. In any regards it is a definite must hear! By Silence In Central Park.

Description: Draws you in very cautiously to the mind of our hero, and takes you for a beautiful path in his shoes with dramatic guitar riffs that stretch out with such a happy epic. Unbelievably well written film music! You have definitley got to give your head a chance to hear this! :) By Silence In Central Park.