Description: The song symbolizes the end of any event, in my case, farewell my love - she died.

Description: This track has an alternative nu-metal side, although it is based on melodic heavy metal. The track is great for sounding the training process, the combination of melody and heavy reefs makes you feel the beauty of the video and supplement it. Inspiring and motivational videos can acquire memorable colors. A powerful beat to the strong note of each bar creates a pumping "punch", and thus allows you to feel the rhythm in any place. Distortion guitar "scratch" complement the percussion component, and the space piano gives melody and softens the nu-metal bass and power metal drums. This musical theme can be an excellen t addition to your projects, for example: Sports training Interview with athletes Bodybuilding and crossfit Motivational Workouts extreme sports and competitions Battle scenes Drama and adventure action Shooters, Racing and other action games Inspiration and fantasy Travel and more other

Description: a song about a dream, a person goes through life and dreams about all sorts of things, and then he moves to the goal of reaching what I want, looking back at the path and remembers where he started. this is a positive song, no sorrow and destruction and sadness.