Description: Slow and slightly sexy heavy rock thrash style track featuring feedback electric guitar, distorted guitars, drums and bass in the style of David Lynch. The melody is aggressive, with a serious, angry feel. A useful track for video promo's or scenes of tension. Very dramatic with a hard, harsh edge or for scenes of dominance.

Description: Bass Guitar, Saxophone and drums are a few of the instruments used here to create a cool detective style piece with hints of suspense throughout. Occasional Choral elements also suggest track could be used for cinematic theme.

Description: Positive electric guitar licks create instant inspiring feel suggesting an award winning moment of success. Very uplifting track designed to imply success in sport events, inspiration and corporate motivation for business, corporate or educational purposes. Very modern and upbeat track featuring inspiring electric guitar and crashing drums creating energetic feel.

Description: Thunderous bass and drums form the backbone of a guitar maelstrom, features repeated punk-style riffs can be discerned. Suggests on-the-move, eratic style Rock.

Description: Smooth acoustic guitar harmonics start the track off at a slow pace before being introduced by a cooling wash of tranquil synths and rhythmic drum beats. A smooth easy listening rock style melody is created, designed to provide background music for universal requirement purposes. The track features smoothness, yet containing modern elements. Suggested end use for documentary, travel or video after effects background.