Description: This is aggressive dirty hard and heavy rock advertising composition with distorted rock guitar and dirty rock punk drums in modern, grunge, rock star, powerful, motivational mood. Pictures of hard and energetic upbeat rock scenes, expensive sports American cars, agressive emotions, strong people with sport equipment, gym and adrenaline, confidence and power emotions, young and sexy people. instruments of Dirty Rock – distorted energetic drums – powerful rock bass Dirty Rock is good for Motivational videos, extreme, games, backgrounds, films, youtube, tv advertisements, action movies, trailers, commercials and visuals.

Description: This is a very powerful and driving punk rock. Listening to him I want to get to skate or to sit on the bike. It sounds horakternye for punk style instruments: a guitar with distortion, tight bass, rock drums, synthesizers youth choral cries and groovy backing vocals. Ideal for any youth, active, energetic, extreme, sports video project.

Description: Powerful, militant rock track. Aggressive march beats dense sound wave. His pressure and force rocker distortion guitars, he forces us to march under their own rhythm. This track used: Distortion guitar crunch, toothy bass, drums scathing, acid synth, shrill solo electric guitar. If you need a powerful energy alternative for your video project, a powerful alternative rock will add pressure and dynamics, as well as make your installation more drive, modern and energetic. This rock will make a march move the crowd!

Description: Stylish modern music rock music. the Acoustic indie guitar playing drive. Big drums, claps and bright percussion set the winning rhythm. This track has a head, Sila and will to win. There are mixed stylish indie and solid rock. It turns out cool! If you need the original indie track with rock character, then this is a great option. Stylish music for stylish people!

Description: Cool rock music track with inspiring melody. Gives you an image of baker in leather jacket sitting on his motorcycle. The track gives you motivation and energy. Great choice for clothing line advertisement, sport and lifestyle videos. Edgy melody makes it perfect variant for project about cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. The tune is created with drums, bass, guitars, synths and piano.

Description: Heavy guitar over a blues riff. Rising through modulations upward and onward. Memorable riff and a lifting, forceful feel throughout.

Description: This one is an energetic, inspirational, powerful instrumental indie rock music for commercial use. Perfect for youtube, advertisement, slideshow, presentation, promotion and any project that need brave, powerful, motivational, dancing mood and indie rock sound.

Description: A flashy triumphant instrumental track in the genres of indie-rock and blues-rock, confident and provocative in mood, well-suited for visual scenarios imbued confidence, style, erotic appeal, seductive looks and behavior.

Description: A dramatic instrumental track in the genres of alternative and hard rock, intense and threatening in mood, well-suited for visual scenarios imbued with a daunting sense of overwhelming challenge, the dark forces of destiny, extreme natural disasters, the heroic, yet tragic efforts to overcome insurmountable obstacles.

Description: This is energetic and rough rock track driven by heavy distortion guitars. May fit fight scenes, high speed driving, sport advertising and more.

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