Description: an instrumental piece beginning simply and building to a crescendo. features guitar, keys, strings, bass, and percussion.

Description: driving 6-8 rhythm and overdriven guitar set up this song from its outset. distorted bass and powerful drums compliment the dark mood.

Description: Dark western guitar fantasy that beckons the listener to a world where a post-rock Ennio Morricone meets instrumental Nine Inch Nails.

Description: Dark, western-flavored, indie instrumental. Thundering drums and angry guitars drive odd meter riffs.

Description: Huge opening piece with over 10 instruments hitting at the same time, including strings, guitars, drums, bass. Sounds like an awakening or "opening" song. Middle section is slow and meditative.

Description: Intense and dirty, distorted, grungy guitars move a mid-tempo track forward, while a bed of cello strengthens the powerful drums.

Description: Uptempo with galloping guitars, this track has synth leads, guitar solos, big & bad drums, and delivers everything you want in a modern rock piece.

Description: Simple violin begins this track in 3/4 time. It travels from breakbeat to indie rock, ending in a big finish in the vein of Animal Collective or Panda Bear.

Description: Acoustic rhythm guitar and slide guitar characterize this piece that is reminiscent of 70's classic rock.

Description: This 6/8 rocker moves along with distorted guitar and pounding drums.

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