Description: Dirt and irritant, good for hardware tools spot or an arrogant television jingle. In the mechanical shop the voltage is....dirty

Description: Driving an old van through an highway in the middle of the desert the radio spits out the music. It could be appropriate for a scene in which someone leaves behind everything and goes away to find a new life. Dusty, authentic, it will give you the grim

Description: This cool funky track has a rock flavour due to the rhythm guitar. Its groovy sound would be very well in a scene where a detective or a police officer do its daily job on the roads of some suburb. Its attitude is nice and fun. Excellent also as background-track for play around with.

Description: Ready for a movie trailer. Metropolitan atmosphere full of groove and SFX. It has an ironic flavour and remembers the mood of films like "The Snatch", "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" and all mixed styles of comedy and crime thriller.

Description: Classic Hard Rock track. AC/DC style, drum, electric bass and guitars.