Description: Bright and peaceful atmospheric track based on piano, strings and nature sounds. Suitable for different type of project.

Description: Alternative rock theme followed by bright guitars suitable for advert, games, bright film scenes and more

Description: A Heavy metal track following electric guitar and drums. Suitable for all types of haunting, horror, mega action, thrill productions and backgrounds.

Description: Heavy metal track contains lead guitar fits with all types of haunting, thrill and mega action projects and backgrounds.

Description: An alternative rock track that has pads and shiver keys at starts, and guitar strumming, e-organ, bass chords, beats and synth guitar at ends. Fits with all types of energizing production and much more.

Description: Haunting metal track fits with many types of action/thrill and haunting chase backgrounds.

Description: A fast and bouncy rock track followed by electric. Suitable for energizing children projects, advert, commercials and more.

Description: Fast rock track contains electric guitar and slap bass. Fits along with all types of inspiring sports, action sports, thrill and much more production.

Description: This is a rock easy listening track followed by blues electric guitar solos and drums. Fits with all types of bouncy production and much more.

Description: Thrilled metal track fits with many types of energetic haunting and chasing backgrounds.

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