Description: Get down with this swamp rock slammer from the birthplace of the blues. Electric guitars, bass, drums.

Description: Take a ride through rolling corn fields and small town America in this John 'Cougar" Mellencamp sounding whiskey rock piece. The lead guitar quickly moves out of the way to lend to an upbeat bed for a voice over or original lyrics. But don't worry cause the lead guitar comes back in full fury for the ending vamp driving this country rock piece back home to Main Street.

Description: Johnny be cool with this early guitar rock barn burner. Electric guitars, bass, electric piano, bass, drums

Description: Roots Revival, Mandolin, Simple, Personal, honest

Description: Roots Revival, Mandolin, Sweet, Simple, Personal, honest

Description: Mandolin, Roots Revival, Acoustic Guitar, up tempo, feel good, folk, fun

Description: Roots Revival, Mandolin, Personal

Description: Mandolin Rock, Organ, acoustic guitar, up tempo, powerful, alternative rock, melodic

Description: Folk Pop, Mandolins, Melodic, Roots Revival

Description: Slightly dark and solemn featuring rhythmic acoustic guitar and slide guitar creating a mysterious yet intriguing mood.

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