Description: Dramatic, violent introduction followed by an instrumental somewhere between early Pink Floyd and Yes.

Description: Progressive rock song with a lot of different moods and changes in it ending with rock guitar solo. Song for many projects.

Description: Whacky, floaty, bell-y song, kind of old school Genesis, fusion rock type thing.

Description: A strong, uplifting composition with a positive energy and outlook. Progressive rock instrumentation and a massive stadium rock concert feel. Big 80's synths and complex progressive arrangement ala Dream Theater and Transatlantic.

Description: Progressive rock, dynamic and energetic

Description: A dark and moody progressive rock song that moves between three distinct sections

Description: Slow, melodic turning to a harder more agressive feel towords the end. Tells the story of a person realizing they are their own worst enemy. In the key of Am

Description: Beautiful instrumental rock ballad with catchy melody and a lot of changes. One song for all of your projects.

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